Taming the Garden - the screening was canceled

Georgian youth splits up over voting in local elections

In may 2021, available jobs have risen by 15% compare to 2018

Decentralization of education is the cause of new scandals in Armenia

Citizens in Azerbaijan are in a hurry to be vaccinated

Government of Poland loosened coronavirus restrictions

All about Autism

All about Autism

Ani Torosyan

National Autism Association describes autism spectrum disorder as a bio-neurological developmental disability that generally appears before the age of 3.

Azerbaijan starts using "Pfizer" vaccine

Noomee: Application for children with ASD

Noomee: Application for children with ASD

Ani Torosyan

Armenian Noomee startup has created an app for children with autism the aim of which is to make their lives easier. The app helps children to be more independent and to be able to organize their everyday life. 

Concerts will be allowed in Poland

Concerts will be allowed in Poland

Operational Headquarters of Azerbaijan decided to change some rules of lockdown for COVID19

Goletiani: We Must Stand Together for Real Freedom and Independence

Perks of the Finnish Education System

Study reveals sex differences in Autism

Study reveals sex differences in Autism

Ani Torosyan

Researchers have found the reasons why autism affects boys more frequently than girls, as it is a well-known fact that boys are 5 times more likely to be diagnosed with autism than girls. 

Another break for theatres-Spectacles are canceled

Touristic Breakdown

The Polish Government went to restrictions

Syndrome of love and care: World Autism Awareness day

Syndrome of love and care: World Autism Awareness day

Ani Torosyan

April 2 is a World Autism Awareness day, the aim of which is to remind people one more time to accept people with autism and spread kindness. Autism is a syndrome that needs love and care. This is considered to be one of the only seven health-specific days that are recognized by the United Nations.

Feelings of actors after returning back to scene

Spectacles are accessible for viewers after 1-year pause

Released restrictions- Theatres are opening from 1st April

Released restrictions- Theatres are opening from 1st April

Salome Khazhomia

After 1 year lockdown, theatres have possibility to restore working process. Directors and actors of the theatres are back to scenes and tickets for premieres are almost sold. But there are some of them, especially private theatres, which don't won't to continue working in restricted way, following regulations. 

With empty stands, but hearts full

With empty stands, but hearts full

Tato Nikuradze; Ayten Farhadova; Kristine Khanoyan; Manana Gigani

On November 12 Georgia will host a historical football match which the Georgian fans have been waiting for years but due to the COVID-19 regulations it will be held unattended

Azerbaijan cancels SMS permission system

COVID-19 in Azerbaijan

WHO declared coronavirus death rate

Another tanker with Azerbaijani oil to arrive at Port of Odessa this week

Condemning the violence: Armenian and Azerbaijani emigrants’ joint announcement.

COVID19 in Armenia

Pashinyan answered Kremlin Media Chief's criticism

Armenian Government gives Home Purchase Certificates to the families deported from Azerbaijan decades ago

Penalties for violating parking rules are increasing in Tbilisi

4 people was arrested under the article of unlawful deprivation of liberty in Marneuli

Tamar Bachaliashvili, 23, was found dead

Opening the borders will not lead to a sharp increase in the virus in Georgia - Tsertsvadze

Georgia remains in the list of the safe countries for European Union

347,276 people received compensation from the state

External Merchandise Trade decreased by 18.2 %

U.S Government approved bill with 15% of the fund available to the Georgia conditioned to the state of democracy

Coronavirus is not a seasonal disease

In Georgia, one and two Tetri will be abrogated from January 1, 2021

The number of people were treated and released is more than infected people in Azerbaijan-Statistics

Who is the new Azerbaijani foreign minister with no experience in foreign affairs?

Azerbaijani journalist refuses $250,000 ‘prize’ offered to her by Qatar’s Anti-Corruption Centre

Domestic Violence Statistics in Georgia

Distance Learning as Another New Challenge for Teachers

The citizen claims that he was infected with Covid-19 for the second time. 

The Database of Armenian National Library is online now

The Database of Armenian National Library is online now

Grigor Tamazyan

The online databases of the National Library of Armenia are already available, the restoration of the official website of the library is underway, according to the Facebook page of the National Library.

The price of gold exceeded $ 1,910 per troy ounce

Percentage changes in prices in the consumer basket of Georgia

Applicants of Armenian State Universities are protesting against Education Reform.

Tuition in Georgian Schools may Start in Classrooms on September 15

Foreign Trade Turnover of Goods in Georgia Decreased with 16%

European Commission’s €1.2 Billion State Aid to Italy

A New Plant for Copper and Aluminum Wires Has Been Officially Opened

The growth of non-oil sector in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijanis demand quarantine end, medical officials desperately request social distancing measures be observed

197.5 Million employee in tourism sector will lose their job in 2020

Export in Georgia in 2020 January-May

Export in Georgia in 2020 January-May

Lika Eristavi

In January-May 2020 the share of the 10 largest countries in Georgia's total local export was 80.1% The largest export partners are: 🇨🇳China 🇷🇺Russia and 🇧🇬Bulgaria The largest export goods are: copper ores and concentrates, ferroalloys and natural grape wines.

Data Visualization: Coronavirus Impact on Economies around Europe

Exam with mask

Villagers fear hunger, poverty more than COVID

Journalists on the Frontline of Protest outside Georgian Parliament

Rallies after failure on electoral reform measures in Tbilisi, Georgia

Promises VS Powers

Promises VS Powers

Ani Nazaryan; Sopo Apriamasvili; Lala Isgandarli; Nini Gogritchiani

In Georgia’s current political system, both the government and the Prime Minister have powers over the President. The winner of Sunday’s election will not be able to increase salaries and pensions, or decide how much will be spent on social needs. Anything proposed will need the support of the ruling party.

Bidzina Ivanishvili Voted for the “European Choice of the Country”

Margvelashvili: “I Voted for President of All Citizens”

Cartu Group nullifies 600,000 debts before election

Cartu Group nullifies 600,000 debts before election

Gvantsa Nadibaidze

Nine days before the presidential elections, GM announced that 600,000 Georgian citizens’ debts will be covered by the charitable foundation Cartu Group, which is controlled by Bidzina Ivanishvili, the former Prime Minister and present chairman of the ruling party Georgian Dream.

Patriarch of Georgia Casts his vote at Presidential Election

NGOs Observe Violations During Election Process

Tsopi Prepares for Presidential Elections

Tsopi Prepares for Presidential Elections

Arpi Bekaryan, Said Babazade, Mariam Alikhanashvili

You seldom hear Georgian language here, but that doesn’t prevent locals from preparing for Sunday’s presidential elections.