Released restrictions- Theatres are opening from 1st April

Salome Khazhomia

From 1st April, theatres have the possibility to restore the working process, but in a restricted way. They need to follow regulations, keep distance and use masks. Duration of hours for spectacles will reduce, because according to current regulations and curfew, until 8 o’clock they have to finish all spectacles.

Since 15th March actors returned to the scene and they already have rehearsals. Rustaveli, Marjanishvili, Liberty, Youth and Akhmeteli theatres have their planned schedule and premieres already. Most of the tickets for premieres are sold. They will work according to regulations. Sitting in the hall is not possible side by side, one chair is left after each of them, distancing is protected. Despite the restrictions, viewers missed the theatre and they are going to visit it anyway.



In Liberty Theatre tickets for the first day’s premiere were sold in one day. Mostly, for premieres, only 2 seats are left, others are busy already. After a one year pause, Kaxa Mikiashvili will be on the scene with the spectacle “I love you, I love you, I love you”.

Youth theatre will meet its viewers with 8 premieres. Director and artists of that theatre hope that because theatres were opened, curfew will be canceled, that’s why they have all performances at 7 and 8 o’clock. On the first day two performances are planned. 

Rustaveli theatre is also getting ready for April’s spectacles. First performance will be Robert Sturua’s spectacle on April 2, with the name “once…only…”



Marjanishvili theatre is having one premiere “punishment and crime” that will be held for several days.

Akhmeteli theatre is having four spectacles for different days. First will take place on 3rd April. But, not all the theatres want to have spectacles in that way, following regulations and having restrictions, especially private theatres. 

Royal District Theatre decided not to open the scene for spectators, because they don’t want to work in a way the government gave right for. The reason isn’t finances, but regulations. They don’t plan opening in April, the administration members don’t have ideas about when they have performances again. It was one of the theatres which overcame difficulties during quarantine, directors and actors stayed without salary and also they doubted if their theatre would survive and continue working at all. 



Theatre on Atoneli, Tbilisi State Puppet theatre, Royal district theatre, Tumanishvili theatre, Music and drama theatre don’t have planned spectacles at all. They are not going to open from April.

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, theatres were closed for 1 year. For some period, cafes, malls, gyms and restaurants were opened, but theatres stayed closed again, so directors and artists, especially of private theatres, had been in bad condition, not only psychologically, but financially.