The price of water

There is only one well in Khorenia. Whoever comes earlier will be able to bring clean water at home.

Sevak Gabrielyan

The enlightener

Ariz Dashdemirli is trying to change the mindset of youngsters with his educational activities.

Bahar Memmedov, Gunel Celilova, Arzu Osmanova, Mansur Nasibov

Iron Ladies

The story of women who took on the heavy burden of caring for their families.

Vardui Kurginyan

Meet Abbas

The story tells about the childhood complex, which is connected to the man with disability.

Idris Rustamov

Nihad Mamedov, Sema Gasanova, Aziz Ganiyev

Nihat Mamedov

Community Radio

The project is about the first community radio station in Marneuli.

Aysun Aliyeva

My team

The story is about the Sadakhlo Village Football Team.

Eldar Meykhanumov, Senan Serifov

Aziz Ganiev and Nijat Huseynov

My Granny's Green Friends

Grandmother who lives separately in order to dilute her loneliness takes care of her “friends”.

Amil Mamedov

Eldar Meykhanimov

Stories of bullying

Three students of one public school start collecting the stories about bullying.

Leman Nabiyeva, Terane Gasimova, Adil Mammadli

Səxavət İlyasov, Ayxan Pashayev, Turqay Demircelov, Tayfun Pasayev

My mother’s diary

Nise shares her personal notes with her daughter Sakina revealing her dreams and thoughts.

Sakina Rustamova, Narin Mustafayeva

Never light off

Although a 74-years-old Absaat lives alone keeping the light on, both physically and mentally.

Niyameddin Sereyev

Little assistant

6-year-old Kristina from Ninotsminda plays with toys and she drives a real tractor.

Ashkhen Khachatryan

Source of life

Burnasheti village, located 22 km to Akhalkalaki, lacks drinking water for 4 years already.

Araqs Demurchyan & Katya Sarkisyan

Tatev Tumasyan, Andreas Paronyan, Vilyam Ghazaryan

Formula of happiness

Despite hard life in Hokam, Albert Ishtoyan’s family portraits a real happy model of a family.

Lusine Nurjanyan

Life after casino

A middle-aged man from Akhalkalaki tells his own story about being addicted to gambling.

Rima Marangozyan

Nazeli & Robert Khachatryans

Slava Karslyan

Masters of the city

Different craftsmen of Akhalkalaki tell their stories, their connection and devotion to professions.

Narine Tonakanyan


A military town in Akhalkalaki called “Gorodok” by locals used to be a spot for a Russian military.

Kristina Hakobyan & Lida Mnatsyan

Where is my home?

Adjarian migrant living in Javakheti shares his story of migration from his native village in Adjara.

Karen Shaybekyan, Sevak Gabrielyan & Artyom Kosyan

Karen Shaybekyan

Hasmik Avagyan, Zhanna Chogandaryan, Aksana Gigolyan