Mikayel Pambukhchyan

Syuzanna Ghukasyan

Sameer Kermalli

Syuzanna Ghukasyan

Generation Equality

The project puts a spotlight on issues like equal pay, equal sharing of unpaid care and domestic wor


The main reasons and solutions of road accidents

Nana Bregadze

Nino Abdaladze; Thea Ghvinadze

Neighboring Disaster

Thousands of families are already resettled because of natural disasters in Georgia. Hundreds of fa

Ekaterine Magaldadze

Collaborative Project

Where Is Mom

According to National Center of Disease Control, a very low number of women know about reproductive

Ekaterine Kharbedia

Georgian Lari

Meet Mr.Lari Who may benefit or suffer as the result of currency depreciation Also, you can go b

Ani Kasareli

Public Interest

In the name of public Interest recreational zones are being pared and narrowed down for urban devel

Maradia Tsaava; Sophiko Vasadze; Tatuli Omiadze

Screen Generation

8 years-old children spend 8 hours a day with gadgets. While teenagers spend 11 hours in front of t

Zura Mamagulashvili; Mako Abesadze


We have established the boundaries around our social life and we left some people beyond them. In

Maradia Tsaava; Gulnar Salimova

Heavy Air

In the evenings Tbilisi is covered with a thin fog. This is smog, 95% of which is from transport e

Teona Goderdzishvili

Pharma stories

Health care is an issue that affects everyone, and expenses for medicines put a heavy burden on ho

collaborative Project

Gvantsa Akiashvili; Samra Sadraddinli; Emma Petrosyan; Lus Hamasyan

Leyla Mustafaeva

Women and power

Women politicians were always an important part of history in South Caucasian countries. The projec

Mariam Ugrekhelidze; Nino Devidze, Alim Elbrus, Farid Hasanov

Trees in the city

There is no research, but environmentalists claim that in the past decade 30% of the green cover of

Omar Tsotsoria

Tamta Tvalavadze, Bairam Isganderov

Hand In Hand

The 14 residents hosted us and treated us as precious guests. The day passed by in a flash. We came

Collaborative Project

Rethinking Waste

In Georgia only 3% of waste is recycled; the remaining 97% is thrown away in landfills (in a good c

Collaborative Project


Homicide Georgia is a collaborative project to Inform the public about murder crime including femic

collaborative Project

Ia Shalamberidze

Art Therapy

The healing power of art has been emphasized throughout history in every corner of the earth. It h

Ia Shalamberidze, Maka Gogaladze


The rapid development of high-technologies and virtual world makes the cyberspace more and more imp

Ani Kasareli; Ia Shalamberidze; Hrayr Manukyan; Arus Hakobyan;Ilkin hasanov