45% of women experienced sexual harassment in public transport in Georgia.

Ekaterina Kharbedia,

Teona Chakvetadze, Ana Makharadze

Where is Mom?

About 830 women die from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth every day worldwide.

Ekaterina Kharbedia; Tatia Shaishmelashvili; Davit Msakhuradze

Screen Generation

8 years-old children spend 8 hours a day with gadgets. While teenagers spend 11 hours in front of th


This project is exploring the world of people with mental and behavioral disorders.

Mariam Abesadze; Gulnar Salimova; Maradia Tsaava

Meet Mr.Lari

Enhance your understanding of his problems and introduce yourself to the factors that usually lead t

Ani Kasareli; Ia Shalamberidze; Hrayr Manukyan;Arus Hakobyan;Ilkin hasanov

Tamta Tvalavadze

Omar Tsotsoria

Year later

What people thought about Presidential promises back in 2014.

Conflict Map

Conflicts change the world. This project shows war and conflicts around the world.

Hand in Hand

In the middle of winter, on February 12, we students from the Caucasus School of Journalism and Medi

Nino Abdaladze, Thea Ghvinadze

Born as a refugee

“Born as a refugee” seeks to answer the questions around what it means to be displaced from a place

Political Prisoners

More than one hundred persons are recognized as political prisoners by Amnesty International in Azer


The main reasons and solutions of road accidents

Early Marriages

According to UNFPA 14 million girls under 18 get married every year; 13 girls in every 30 second… If

Gvantsha Akiashvili; Samra Sadraddinli; Emma Petrosyan; Lus Hamasyan

Neighboring disaster

Hundreds of families in different regions continue to live under the permanent risk of natural hazar

Eka Maghaldadze

Pharma Stories

Health care is an issue that affects everyone, and expenses for medicines put a heavy burden on hous

Art Therapy

The healing power of art has been emphasized throughout history in every corner of the earth. It has

Tamta Utiashvili, Leyla Mustafayeva, Maka Gogaladze, Ia Shalamberidze


Homicide Georgia is a collaborative project to Inform the public about murder crime including femici

Public Interest

These are the words which can be easily found in the city regulation.These two words open every door

Maradia Tsaava ;Tatuli Omiadze; Sophiko Vasadze

Women And Power

A quota system for women in governments is a topic that is widely discussed in Europe. Lots of count

Mariam Ugrekhelidze; Nino Devidze; Alim Elbrus; Farid Hasanov

Cybernetic World

The rapid development of high-technologies and virtual world makes the cyberspace more and more impo

Rethinking Waste

In Georgia only 3% of waste is recycled; the remaining 97% is thrown away in landfills (in a good ca

Public Transport

“Transportation is the center of the world! It is the glue of our daily lives. When it goes well, we

Ani Kasarelli; Ilkin Hasanov; Eka Maghaldadze; Emma Petrosyan; Nurane Rehimova


There are 717 foster families in Georgia.