Screen Generation


Sometimes I hit children because they don’t listen to me. I play with them. No it’s not painful, they just pretend to get parents attention, stupid kids!

And she is a psychologist. She makes everything even more complicated.

he talks too much, god it’s damn too boring!

German Neuroscientist, Manfred Spitzer says that a computer is just one very useful instance of learning for elderly people but there are risks and side effects with kids, and adolescents. He says that brain does not come as ready-made organ when kids are born, it comes with the development. Children need holistic type of input for development, which means they need to get information about the things by senses - seeing, hearing, touching, tasting or smelling. This is the way how kids’ brains develop. When you constantly give them just images and the sound their brain won’t combine them, it can only be comprehended as one whole, if it’s really there, in front of them.

When children employ digital tools they just swipe the screen while the hand is the great sense organ and kids have to use it to grips with something. Only real senses can build up brain. Digital input cannot replace real world, Manfred Spitzer says.


Adults. There are so many recommendations stuffs, for example, as if TV and computers are dangerous and parent should control us!