Another break for theatres-Spectacles are canceled

Salome Khazhomia

Theatres are again closed in Georgia from 4th until 12th May. Performances were planned for almost  each day in May  in Rustaveli, Liberty, Marjanishvili, Tumanishvili theatres, but according to the regulation, movement of transport is stopped and from 3rd until 12th May are non-working days. The decision was made at the Government Administration by Prime Minister Irakli Gharibashvili.

According to regulations, theatres stopped their performances, because the dynamics of infection grew, cases were increased. Because of the restrictions and non-movement of transport, theatres made announcements about closing. One of the theatres, Liberty theatre, which had many spectacles, wrote about it:

“Because of the fact that a big percentage of the audience is using transport, we stop showing spectacles from 3rd until 12th May and will restore the working process from 13th May. The tickets can be returned back to salary, or exchange them into the spectacles, which will be shown after 13”, -the administration of the theatre wrote on their facebook page. 

Marjanishvili theatre had only one spectacle when it was opened, but for May it has 11 and its audience is already ready to be back in the theatre. Tumanishvili, Puppet and Griboedov theatres also have several performances in May after restrictions will be released. 

Theatres were closed for one year during lockdown, so it is another break for them, but a short one. Theatres will be opened on May 13th and the actors will be back to the audience.