Margvelashvili: “I Voted for President of All Citizens”

Mariam Alikhanashvili

Outgoing President of Georgia Giorgi Margvelashvili came without his family at 10 am to polling station 6  in Mtatsminda.

“I voted for the president who will be the president of all citizens. The new president will not fear to be all citizens’ president and the commander-in-chief of Special Armed Forces, which has an amazing history of heroism for centuries.  I am sure that she/he will be honoured to be the leader of Georgians Armed Forces.”

Journalists tried to ask him several questions about what he thinks about a possible second round of voting, but he avoided answering it.


He then answered a similar question in English: “ I voted for the president who will serve all the nation, who is serving all citizens of Georgia no matter what their politician orientation is, and is brave enough to stand for these values. I voted for the commander-in-chief who will lead proud men and women serving under the Georgian Flag.”