Karen Tovmasyan

The opposition MP had received blows on his head and was taken to the hospital.

The security cameras have recorded the attack and police examins the record now. The chairman of the Armenian National Congress (ANC) fraction at the Armenian parliament Levon Zurabian has announced that he has already informed all the foreign diplomatic representatives hosted in Armenia about this attack. He has called the attack as a political terror and announced that the attack was orgnized by the authorities of Armenia.

"The cameras has registered the criminals, if the police did not find them within an hour we will have additional proof that this attack was organised by the authorities"-he added. 

Aram Manukyan is a prominent figure of the Armenian politics since 1989. He is the person who read countrie's independence declaration from the Soviet Union, Now he is the  secretary of the largest opposition group of the Armenian Parliaent Armenian National Congress, and the vice-president of the same party.  

The attacks against the opposition activists in Yerevan became unprecident actions on December. 

Two days ago a commander of Kharabakh war, ANC member, veteran Razmik Petrosian was attacked, yesterday in the morning the unknown criminals attacked another veteran of Kharabakh war Suren Sargsyan also known for his opposition views and support to the leader of ANC, Armenia's first president Levon Ter-Petrosian.

A week earlier another opposition activist was also beaten, and the same period cars of 6 opposition activists were fired in front of their houses.