Karen Tovmasyan

The supporters of oppositon were calling anti-government slogans and demanding the resignation of the current presidentand his government.

 The opposition leaders stated, that the rulling regime is violating the human rights in every step, holds political prisoners and excersises political presecutions against the political actists and oponents of the regime. They also stated, that the government makes obstacles for small and medium business developement. So crieating problems for enterpreneurship rights.

Opposition leaders stated that the bad situation connected with the violations of hunan rights will be changed only after the resignation of the current government. 

The rally was organised by Armenian National Congress (ANC) opposition party. Armenian National Congress traditionally comemorates the Human rights day since 2008 organizing march of its supporters in the city every year on December 10.

This year other 2 parliamentary allies of ANC Prosperous Armenia party and Heritage party also  joined the event to express their solidaruty with their political ally and with those people, who think their rights are violated in Armenia.