Spectacles are accessible for viewers after 1-year pause

Salome Khazhomia

Theatres are open for rehearsals from 15th March, but from 1st April they are already officially open for society. Viewers missed theatre very much and it’s obvious from the fact, that tickets for premieres were sold in one day for almost every theatre, which decided to open.

In all theatres regulations are similar. They measure temperature, keep distance and viewers don’t sit side by side. On each performance concrete number of people are allowed according to different theatres. Spectacles mostly take place on 6 o’clock. 


Especially, special popularity was gained by Liberty theatre, in which tickets are not almost left. Mostly young people go there, those who study at University. Also it’s symbolic, that one day before new season, on 31st March, Liberty Theatre became 20 years old.

“How much happiness and at the same time how much betray and pain we saw during this time. From the very first day our slogan was-Theatre, which offers its viewers only truth and festive occasion. During these 20 years, we admitted that these weren’t only pretty words for opening day. None of the governments loved us exactly for that truth -, Avto Varsimashvili, the director of the theatre said. 


Nodar Dumbadze Theatre is also open already and on 1st April it has 2 spectacles, but differently from liberty theatre many tickets are left. It is one of the theatres, where pretty much spectacles are ready for viewers in month of April.

Rustaveli theatre will start spectacles from 2nd April and the play will be “once…only”. Then until the end of April different spectacles will be held. 

Some theatres will start their performances of 3rd April, including Marjanishvili, Tumanishvili, Akhmeteli, Atoneli theatres. 


Marjanishvili theatre will open for viewers with spectacle “crime and prejudice”. It will be held on 5 days and also one more spectacle will be shown. Tumanishvili theatre will have one premiere and it will take place several times on different days. Akhmeteli theatre will have several spectacles. Mostly tickets are left for different performances, only spectacle, where all tickets are sold is “The Body of a Woman as a Battlefield”. For Atoneli theatre which will be also opened on 3rd April, is only one spectacle for 4 different days and none of the tickets are left.

Other theatres decided not to open yet, there is no concrete day when are they going to continue working process.