Soon after his song was selected for Eurovision song contest he became year’s favorite among musical fans. Apart from knowing him as a public person, it was interesting to find out what does Aram do in his everyday life, what interests and inspires him.

1.    What do you think how does that feel to be a famous person’s wife?

I don’t know, I have never been in that role J My wife and I have known each other for a very long time, before I became popular. Sometimes I think I’m so lucky that my wife and I manage to overcome busy and crazy times so easily that we don’t even appreciate it properly. My popularity didn’t affect our harmony in the family. We share common preferences in music and she fully supports me in all my activities. I have never heard “why are you late?” phrase from her, because she knows  what does stage and performances mean to me, that’s more than only job for me. She is always present during my concerts and is a good critic for me also.

2.    Can you remember how you met your wife?

We’ve met each other in 2004, our friend introduced us to each other and after an hour we were speaking about the musical preferences and finding out more and more common things we share.

3.    How you start singing? What was the first song?

When I was in 5th grade I had some problems with breathing and was coughing very often. Doctors advised my parents to take me to choir; they said it would help to overcome my health problems. So they took me to Tatev choir. And actually yes, this strange advice helped me to find my passion in life. was attending the choir classes for 4-5 years and we were giving concerts in different event halls of Yerevan. As for my first live concert, it was with my band in 2007. I remember the first song I sang was “Isn’t she lovely” by Stevie Wonder.

4.    How does it feel before going out on the stage?

I’m always getting nervous before going out on the stage. I don’t have any recommendation how to overcome that, but I definitely need to stay alone at that moment. Before coming out to the stage I am always feeling anxiety and don’t want to talk to anyone. My wife knows and understands everything. After I’m coming out on the stage, everything gets ok.

5.    Can you remember any embarrassing or unexpected moments during your concerts?

Once we had a club concert and the electricity was cut down suddenly. We used drams and piano, made the audience sing for almost 15 minutes to save the situation. There were so many extreme situation during our concerts, we are doing improvisation and that is a usual thing, sometimes we are playing the song for 10 minutes while the original version is only 4-5 minutes and in those cases band members sometimes confuse the start, sometimes I’m trying to introduce next song through a joke and not everyone gets what they should be playing.

6.    What is your dream concert?

Oh, lots of them. I hope I will have the chance in the future to attend some of them. I love Stevie Wonder.

7.    What music did you like as a teenager and what do you listen now?

I used to listen to Western music, preferred blues, jazz, rock’n’roll, I loved Stevie Wonder and still love his music. I used to listen to BB King, Elvis Presley, Ella Fitzgerald, Billy Holiday, Frank Sinatra… they are so many! James Brown, Michael Jackson, Tony Benet. This is classic, eternal music - they don’t get old. But I also like modern music, from lyrical ones to rhythmic dance songs - Pharell, James Blake.


8.    What inspires you in your life?

My inspiration can be associations, emotional storms, “ups&downs”. When I spend good time with good people, I’ve got positive energy and I want to express it somehow, to share it with others. Emotions, feelings and people around inspire me.

9.    What can make you angry?

When I hear “oh I didn’t manage to do that today”, or “can we postpone this for tomorrow?” I am very hard working person myself and very punctual. So ideally I would want everyone around me to be like that. Still, I know that is hard to make it happen.

10. How do you like to spend your free time?

I always spend my free time with my family and appreciate every minute spent with them. I really like to swim after a hard working day, I think water takes away the negative energy and emotions and that’s how I’m fighting stress. Water relaxes me. I also love travelling and trying different dishes. For instance I love so much Georgian cuisine. Everything is so tasty! I can never get enough of Satsivi. Sometimes I cook myself, too. I like cooking meat.

11. What do you read?

My favorite genre in literature is science fiction. I love Russian author Alexander Belyayev. As for Armenian literature, I dream to have so much money to afford ordering a Hollywood movie based on “Chaos” by Shirvanzade. I think its brilliant book that has something to say to people all over the world.

12. What kind of movies do you like to watch?

I love “Damage” starring Jeremy Irons, I love Emir Kusturica’s , Woody Allen, Scorsese, Gay Ricci’s movies. I’m waiting the moment when Di Caprio will finally get the Oscar and I hope I will be alive at that time. He is such a hardworking person, almost every year he is in a new good movie. I love “Shutter Island” movie!