British citizens as tourists in Poland

Mariam Grigoryan


British travelers are allowed to visit Poland and spend the holidays there. After long months of closure the Government decided to accept tourists from Britain, as well. Though the situation is still harsh  in Britain, but it is impossible to keep the borders closed among EU.


Polish tourism Organization already  published the list of hotels, restaurants and touristic attraction guidelines bringing detailed explanations how to behave in those place.


“Britain and British people have always been dear and important for us and we are excited to meet them in our country. We have been analyzed the google searches and pleasantly became happy that UK travelers are still eager to visit Poland”, told Iwona Bialobrzycka, the head of the Polish Tourism Organization. 


Poland is also accepts tourists from non-EU countries and non-essential international travelers. Besides, passengers visiting to Poland need only to take PCR Test or hold the Certificate of Vaccination.