Impact coronavirus pandemic on the film industry worldwide

louiza kadri


According to the data, the global film industry has suffered a $ 7 billion revenue loss as of mid-March 2020, and lost another $ 10 billion in revenue during April and May.
Cinema attendance totaled 54.3 million globally in 2020, down significantly from the previous year by 279.57 million, and 282.1 million in 2018.
The impact of the COVID pandemic on worldwide box office revenue has also reduced the estimated figure from $ 44.5 billion to $ 16.3 billion for 2020. July estimates point to a more severe impact than expected in March 2020, with revenues falling to $ 32.3 billion.
So far, box office revenues are still suffering, due to the Corona virus and its impact on cinema. And the closing of theaters in most countries of the world, the cancellation of shows and the closure of the box office.