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Southern Spain and Portugal






Russia is ready to accept the President or Prime Minister of Georgia

Russia is ready to accept the President or Prime Minister of Goergia announced Vladimir Puting during the annual press conference. 


Citizens of Armenia can get US visa easily

Citizens of Armenian Republic will get visa to United States easily, - announced the minister of Foreign Affairs Edvard Nalbandyan during Government session. He also announced, that from January 1st, 2015 US  citiezens can visit to Armenia  for 180 days without visa regulation. 

These agreements achieved during the negotiation between Armenian and US Governments. Based on these negotiation, two sides accompish free visa processes. Based on this negotiation, US citizen get free enterance to Republic of Armenia and Citizens of Armenia many times can enter USA haveing 10 years enterance right. 

“There is no winner or loser in the war, there are survivors”

Today, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said they don’t want to continue the war. “The First World War was 96 years ago, I will not allow anyone to start Third World horror.”, said president.


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