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A Teacher From Khaishi

More than 500 families in Svaneti are forced to resettle as a result of Georgian governments's new initiative to build a large hydro power plant in the region. A teacher from Khaishi Zura Nijharadze, like many others doesn't want to leave his native land.


Beyond A Facade

This is a film about people living in the newly restored historical district of Tbilisi. They are told they are lucky - facades of their houses are renovated, painted and put under the government protection. But everything that is beyond a facade is beyond the State's interest. The film was selected among three top films on GIPA DOCU student documentary films festival. Also, got the first place on


Miners In Chiatura Are Damaging Their Own Houses

Simon Chachanidze spends 6 days a week under the ground. For his survival the miner is forced to work in a tunnel that destroys basement of his own house.


A Parcel From Athens

A 50-year-old Giorgi lives in an old district of Tbilisi. An elderly lady called Tsabura fights loneliness in a small Imeretian village. Their lives have changed when their family members left for Greece in search for a job. Both Characters are trying to kill the time while waiting for their loved ones and parcels from Athens.


Families Reveal Truth Behind Renovated Tbilisi Facades

Painted facades, beautiful balconies, ornaments, statues of the lion, new roofs, colorful walls – rehabilitation of Aghmashenebeli avenue is coming to an end. The first part of the reconstruction was celebrated one year ago, on November 23, the second part is scheduled for completion by the end of this year. Behind the beautiful facades families continue their daily life. For them the rehabilitation


HIV Infection Prevention is Available, But Not For Everybody

In order to prevent HIV and hepatitis doctors use PEP (Post Exposure Prophylaxis). It is a process of taking antiretroviral medications as soon as possible after exposure to the virus, so that a condition doesn’t result in infection. Limited amount of medicine causes problems not only for HIV patients, but for medical workers as well. They often have to make decision. Luara Chalauri is a social


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David Sherazadashvili from the Georgian Dream Party has become the mayor of Bolnisi, a region mostly populated by the ethnic Azerbaijanis.

What Vaziani residents expect from the Local Elections.




"It was a tottally unexpected to feel this strong support during the pre-election period."