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Christians gathered in Javakheti to go through Saint Nino’s walk

A group of pilgrims started the journey on June first from Poka and will arrive in Mtskheta on July 13Th. Two Americans are also participating in the pacing. They wear Saint Nino's cross and sing Georgian hymns.


A deserter gone astray

does god exist or not? does the spirit?- A human beings inner fight, the essence of humanity, melancholy and chaos, quest for a right wave of life- all these emotions are written and often visualized in works of Salome Machaidze, Berlin based Georgian painter, whose art is displayed in Museum of literature. The Exhibition will continue till the end of May. She’s been thinking about an exhibition for


John Isner wins tournament in Houston

After the final Isner said he now has confidence and will try his best to be successfull in future tournaments. John beat Nicolas Almagro in final with score 6-3,7-5. Every year tennis tournament is held in Houston. This tournament is quite prestigious and many top-ranked players are taking part in it. The prize  also quite good- the winner receives one million dollars. This year american John


Asynchronous countdown at Rustaveli Theater

"I do not want to die, I have never killed myself before...", "I Love you ..." "Please appreciate, see and love..." - This is Sarah Kane.  Young director, Kita Rokva staged contemporary play-writer’s Sarah Kane's play "4.48 psychosis,” at Rustaveli theater. The inner drama of a woman and even woman’s "cosmic tragedy” was performed by a man. Beso Zanguri was the main and the only actor in the play.


Georgian fast food in US

Portlanders now have the chance to try khinkali for lunch just for 6 dollars. It`s been several weeks since Georgian fast-food restaurant Kargi Gogo opened in the US. The owners- Sean and McKenzie worked as volunteers on US freedom corps mission in Georgia. They admit love of Georgian culture and traditional quisine led them to the idea of opening a restaurant.


Parliament of Georgia in Kutaisi

The Multimedia slideshow is about parliament of Georgia in Kutaisi, who built it, how many people were involved in construction works and how long did it take to finish the building. The architect is Alberto Domingo, head of CMD Engineers.


Latest news

David Sherazadashvili from the Georgian Dream Party has become the mayor of Bolnisi, a region mostly populated by the ethnic Azerbaijanis.

What Vaziani residents expect from the Local Elections.




"It was a tottally unexpected to feel this strong support during the pre-election period."