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A campaign for supporting Giorgi Korganashvili

From the very first days when Giorgi Korganashvili's friends heard about his health problems they started an active campaign to allocate the necessary USD 400 000. Information and videos encouraging people to support the fundraising campaign for 24-year-old actor have been released on TV and social network immediately. You could often meet Giorgi’s friends with transparent money-boxes

in streets of the capital Tbilisi. Foreigners also transferred money on a special bank account, while on March 31 Tbilisi State Concert Hall hosted a charity concert. During the three-hour show that was aired on Imedi TV people did not stop dealing 09 01 800 804. More than a half of the amount has gathered, but Giorgi’s friends still hope for public support!

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2.04.2013 14:18

Salome Modebadze

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