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Khadija Ismayil and Freedom of Press in Azerbaijan

Freedom of press in Azerbaijan and arrest of journalist Khadija Ismayil in "Focus of the Week" 


How Media Covers Violence Against Women

Produced by Ara Harutunyan and Nazakat Zeynalli

Violence against women is one of the most discussed issue in Georgia's media. 


Caucasus News Digest - New Visa Regulations in Georgia

By Nezaket Zeynalli and Ara Harutyunyan

Foreigners living in Tbilisi are still facing problems due to new visa regulations that came into effect on September 1. Recently, Parliament passed amendments to ease some of the procedures of new visa and migration regulations. We look into how the amendments will affect foreigners still struggling to get visas. 


Caucasus News Digest - Future of Armenian churches in Tbilisi

By Ara Harutyunyan and Shahnaz Ahmedova 

There are 6 disputed Armenian churches in Georgia - 5 in Tbilisi and 1 church in Akhaltsikhe. In our report we tried to find out what is the future of these churches and what are the arguments of Armenian and Georgian sides regarding this issue. 


Focusing on modern Georgian dramaturgy

Playwright Dato Gabunia is talking about the tendencies and problems of modern Georgian Theatre.


Latest news

 Less than 70 Kilometres away from Tbilisi lays the village Khurvaleti surrounded by green mountains.

Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA)  second-year student Eka Magaldadze won the GIPA