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2016 Parliamentary Elections

In result of 2016 Parliamentary Elections Georgian parliament consists of

three political parties and two independent candidates.

Constitutional majority belongs to the “Georgian Dream“accumulating115 mandates. “United national movement” with 27 mandates is the second and “Alliance of patriots of Georgia” got 6 mandates. And there are only two independent candidates winning majoritarian elections getting two mandates.

which means that „Georgian Dream” party has all instrument to amend laws including constitution, approval of government and rule political processes of the country  without participation of the rest members of the parliament.  

Let us consider an option, where all political parties participating in the elections (with a minimum of 0.5 mandate) receive a mandate. This would have been possible if 5% barrier was eliminated and number of amendments were changed in electoral code, in particular article #125 chapter # 6, which determines proportionally elected members to be not less than 6 mandates.

Let us considered second option, where 5% barrier is still eliminated, however article 125/6 works. In this case all parties would fulfill their mandates to 6 and those who gathered majority of the voices would decrease their mandates in proportional order.

In both cases parliament of Georgia would have been much diverse and no party will ever have chance to concentrate constitutional majority.  However this diverse parliament will face the problem with consensus and agreements.  It is worth mentioning that this type of parliament is more democratic.