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Georgian Dream’s Naveriani wins in Marneuli

Voters at Electoral district #36 of Marneuli Municipality went to the polling stations for the third time to vote for their candidate.

Despite the considerable number of violations that occurred in the district, the election process was not interrupted. According to the preliminary results provided by the Election Administration of Georgia, voter turnout in the district was 49.4% with the 72.15 percent of the votes for Tamaz Naveriani from the Georgian Dream Party and 27.85 percent for Akmamed Imamkulievi from the “United National Movement” Party.

At polling station #48, where the clashes took place during October 8 elections (see: and the results were annulled, the Georgian Dream candidate this time received 444 votes, while the United National Movement candidate received 188. In the rescheduled first-round elections held October 22, Naveriani received 43.43 percent and Imamkulievi received 48.11 percent out of the 766 votes counted that day.

“Number 41(Georgian Dream) will win and it has to. There is no place for Number 5 here (United National Movement).”

 “Georgian Dream” party supporter Elchin Allahverdiyev said that clearly, in front of the people in  Kizilajlo village, Marneuli, while asking voters about the candidates for whom they voted. Allahverdiyev told Newscafe that he has a right to ask the people for whom they voted, because all of them are his relatives.

Along with Allahverdiyev, other voters standing not far from him also mentioned the importance of the Georgian Dream party. For housewife Sakina Gurbanova, supporting the Georgian Dream is the same as supporting good relations between the local Azerbaijanis and Georgians. “We are citizens of Georgia and we want to live in peace,” stated Gurbanova. “Everybody needs to be together for a better future.”


“Voting to have the arrested ones freed”

Khadija Nurmammadova, who works at a local school, supports the ruling Georgian Dream  party. She says it is because she works in the government organization. Nurmammadova also said that she hopes the arrested villagers, who are suspected of being involved in the clashes of October 8, will be freed soon. “One of them was freed yesterday. We hope the rest will be back as well. This is one of the reasons that I am voting for Number 41,” stated Nurmammadova.  


Candidates about the elections

The winning candidate Naveriani said that he has no information about the poll violence cases. Naveriani`s statement was counter-argued by the loser Imamkulievi. According to Radio Marneuli, the UNM candidate stated that were violations on Sunday during the election process in the villages of Kvemo Sarali, Arafli, Kiziajlo and also in some polling stations within the city of Marneuli. He said that he has some photos to prove it.

Possible violations were noticed by Newscafe at the polling stations #48 in Kizilajlo, #58 in Kvemo Sarali and #55 in Shulaveri villages of Marneuli municipality. Around 10 am, Anar Asgarov of Kizilajlo, wearing a Georgian Dream T-shirt and cap, was stopped by the observers at the entrance of the polling station. He was not allowed to vote, due to the fact he wore attributive clothes at the polling station, which  is prohibited on the Election Day according to the law.

Asgarov told journalists that he was unaware of such law and there is nothing wrong about wearing such clothes. Later, Zakir Gurbanov, the head of the polling station, denied any violations since the beginning of the election. “Nothing illegal has happened and I have not noticed any violations,” said Gurbanov, adding that such questions are provocative.

Newscafe also noticed the presence of groups with lists in front of  polling station #48 and asked about their duty, to which they refused to respond. However, it was clear that the people holding the list were marking the names. In Kvemo Salari and Shulaveri villages were activists who were also asking people for whom they voted.

Maya Mirzayeva, said she was asked to leave her polling station because she asked one of her neighbors to help her to read the text, which she said was written too small. Around 12:30 pm, six voters were not allowed to vote because an official found an “ink” on their fingers, meaning that they have already voted. Rasim Ismayilov was among those six people, and he denied he had already voted.