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Georgian Dream Wins Easily in 8th Precinct of Saburtalo

In second round of parliamentary elections in Georgia, “Georgian Dream”

won 48 constituencies out of 50; the other two went to one independent and one “Topadze – Indastrials, Our Fatherland”candidate.  “United National Movement” didn’t win any.

In the 8th precinct of Saburtalo, “Georgian Dream-Democratic Georgia” candidate Levan Gogichaishvili won . According to the election commission's final results, 81.8% of voters voted for him while “United National Movement" candidate Sevdia Ugrekhelidze received 18.2%.

The turnout was low compared to the first round of voting on October 8. By 2 p.m. only 235 people had voted. When polls closed at 8 p.m., 515 people had voted. During the first round of elections the number of voters was 737. There are 1,462 voters on the list. 

One of the voters, Maia Sanaia, 68, said she gave her vote to Georgian Dream's candidate and expressed her confidence in Gogichaishvili’s victory.

“Everything is going calmly… We’re not fools to vote for United National Movement. I hope Georgian Dream will win,” said Sanaia.

Voter Budu Shakiradze, 58, hoped that Georgian Dream would win in all precincts.

“Election process is going smoothly; I didn’t have any problem during my votes. As for my voice, I gave it to victorious candidate and I’m sure he’ll win this time too. In all precincts Georgian Dream candidates should win for sure,” said Shakiradze.

So sure of the ruling coalition's candidate’s victory was voter Temo  Miqachavidze, 72,  that he jokingly told reporters that  he would be informed by Levan Gogichaishvili himself by personal phone call.

Voter Nelly Sesiashvili, 45, said that she gave her voice to United National Movement and she was confident that she made a right choice.

"I know I made the right decision and I hope UNM’s candidate will obtain the victory,” said Sesiashvili.

Some respondents didn’t wish to reveal their choice. “I made a choice in favor of mine and my children’s future. But my choice will stay secret,“ said 35-year-old voter Mzia Lekeishvili.

At 8th polling station of Saburtalo, the voting process was going on in a calm environment without any difficulties.

According to an observer from the Civil Involvement Center, Tamar Makatsaria, precincts opened on time in the morning and all necessary conditions for voters were created.

"The election precinct opened on time without difficulties at 8 a.m. The elections are going on without any problems at this time and voters can make their choice without pressure in free environment. In comparison to first round of election, the people’s activity is low,” said Makatsaria.

However, there were incidents caused by procedural flaws. Tengiz Maisuradze, 53, said, that when he arrived at the station he encountered problems because he was not found in the list.

“Today was not a good day. They are not organized enough. When I entered I was told that I was not on the list and I was sent to another polling station. When I went there, I was not also on the list. I was told to go to another precinct, where of course my name was not on the list. Finally I came here, at this polling station where they found me and I voted,” said Maisuradze.

In the first round on October 8, Gogichaishvili received 46.89% of votes, while Ugrekhelidze received 17.2%. The second round was held Sunday in Georgia, in 50 constituencies, 18 in Tbilisi, and 32 outside the capital. The second round was for those districts, where no candidate received passed the necessary 50% threshold in the first round.

At Georgia’s Parliamentary elections voters had the opportunity to elect 150 members of parliament, including 77 members under a political party proportional electoral system and 73 members according to plurality voting in districts.