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Violations continue in Marneuli: Observer tries to recruit “Georgian Dream” supporters

An observer at polling station #58 tried to recruit Georgian Dream supporters in Kvemo Salari, Marneuli.  

“We are working for the government and we have to, and our relatives will also vote for Tamaz Naveriani, “ said Rza Abbasov, the observer at the polling station, when Newscafe journalists saw him discussing how many people “they had to bring to the polling station.”  

Abbasov said Naveriani, the Georgian Dream parliament candidate,  promised to develop a sports facility in Marneuli, and that’s why he is voting for him. He also said Naveriani has appointed him as the trainer for the village’s judo team and he will help children to participate in the sports competitions.

Head of polling station #58, Dilgam Ganiyev, told  Newscafe  “there have been no violations since 8 am.”