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In 8th precinct in Saburtalo voter activity is low so far

In the 8th precinct in Saburtalo, where the Georgian Dream and United Movement

candidates compete with each other, the second round of Parliament voting is going on in a quiet environment.

According to an observer from the Civil Involvement Center, by 2 p.m. 235 people had already voted. There are 1,462 voters on the list.  Observer Tako Makatsaria said the turnout was slow compared to the first round of voting on October 8.

"The election precinct opened on time without difficulties at 8 a.m. The elections are going on without any problems at this time and voters can make their choice without pressure in free environment. In comparison to first round of election, the people’s activity is low,” said Makatsaria.

In the first round, candidate of “Georgian Dream” Levan Gogichaishvili received 46.89% and United National Movement candidate Sevdia Ugrekhelidze received 17.2%. A second round of elections is  taking place in 50 districts all across Georgia.