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Georgians solidarity



Anar Mammadli is arrested


In December 16 the head of the Election Monitoring and Democracy Studies Center, Anar Mammadli has been arrested.


1st South Caucasus Security Forum

On 10 of December, 1 st South Caucasus Security forum took place in Tbilisi. Representatives of South Caucasus and other countries discussed security issues of the region and results of Vilnius Sammit.


New building of NATO

On the way to NATO current Headquarters building we were told that in 2015 NATO is moving into new building, just two kilometres away from the current address. The guy in middle age who guided us tried to use his well practised bureaucrat dictionary and answered the questions. He told that the accommodation to the new building is related with the increase of people who work in Headquarters. NATO is still expanding and the space for people who works at Headquarters has to be enlarged. After the moving, this old building will be returned to the Belgium government.

Azerbaijani Government continues pressuring Media

Pressuring the organization started immediately after the presidential elections – say employees of the Election Monitoring and Democracy Studies Center (EMDS).

Presidential elections in Azerbaijan were held on 9 October 2013. General Prosecutor for Serious Crimes Investigation Department started investigation for EMDS office.


Azerbaijan government raises price on oil

Azerbaijan government increases price on oil. By the decision Tariff Council from on December 3, 2013 years retail price of gasoline and diesel fuel, also wholesale price of some oil products were raised. During the meeting Tariff Council, tariffs for selling natural gas to establishments, rendered by the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic, were considered and relevant regulations were carried out.


Latest news

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