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Armenia: Citizens protest presidential election results

Thousands of Armenians come out in streets of Yerevan for a fourth day already, protesting the presidential election results that took place on Monday, February 18. According to official results announced by Central Electoral Commission (CEC) President Serzh Sargsyan has won his second five-year term, with approximately 59 percent of votes, while Raffi Hovhannisian, a former foreign minister, is the

second with  37 percent. Both Raffi Hovhannisian and his supporters claim that the victory was tainted by fraud. 

During Friday’s rally Hovhannisian said that he met Sargsyan on February 21 and he suggested several options to Sargsyan, but the latter refused all of them. Therefore, Raffi Hovhannisian announced that he and his supporters will go on protesting, adding that on weekends he will hold meetings in the regions of the country, and in two days the rally will continue in Yerevan.

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