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Anar Mammadli is arrested


In December 16 the head of the Election Monitoring and Democracy Studies Center, Anar Mammadli has been arrested.

Executive director of EMDSC Bashir Suleymanli said to the Radio Liberty (Azerbaijan) that Anar Mammadov has been in custody for 3 months. According to him Mammadli was summoned to the General Prosecutor for Serious Crimes Investigation Department at 5 o'clock on December 16.

Suleymanli says that he was with Mammadov: “I left after being questioned but they continued Mammadli’s interrogation. Then I received a call from a lawyer called Sohrat that Mammadov was taken at first to the Court of Nasimi region and then moved to the police department of Nerimanov region."


On October 31, the office computers belonging to the  EMDS’s center were checked by police. Prosecutor General's Office said that they discovered irregularities in the activities of the Center. published  Mammadli's interview after presidential election in Azerbaijan. see video

Asim Celilov


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