Smaller Default Larger “Georgians voted with stones and baseball bats” Russian Media Coverage of Georgian Parliamentary Elections

Georgian parliamentary elections attracted the world media’s attention. They actively covered all the process of the elections. So how did Russian media cover Georgian elections, especially when they’re always accused of being biased in ex-Soviet Republics’ events coverage?


Pre-election events: how they affected voters’ decisions?

Georgian citizens go to elections to define their future


What do voters expect

Mixeil Dovlatbegian, voted  in polling station #9 in Tbilisi: 


“We want to have a better future,” The women of Marneuli used their constitutional rights in the elections

 Traders, housewives, teachers… the women of Marneuli from all backgrounds started coming to the polling stations in the early hours of October 8 to vote for their parliament candidates


European women in Politics

Women appear in European politics since 20th century. French politician Elisabeth Guigou claims that home care prevent women from making their career in politics.  


Armenia and Turkey: What’s next after 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide?

PhotolurThis year Armenia marks the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. Turkey accepts the fact of mass killings of Armenians in Ottoman Empire era but refuses to use the G word. More that 20 countries officialy recognized the events of 1915 as a ''genocide''



Latest news

 Less than 70 Kilometres away from Tbilisi lays the village Khurvaleti surrounded by green mountains.

Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA)  second-year student Eka Magaldadze won the GIPA