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Turkey-Azerbaijan business forum will be held in Batumi, Georgia

On 5th December there will take place Georgia-Turkey-Azerbaijan busyness form in Batumi organized by Georgian Ministry of Economy, Chamber of Trade - Industry and Investment Agency.


NATO: "Russia's army attacked to Ukraine"

NATO reported that, Russian troops entered to Ukraine this week with tanks, cannons and air support. The UN Security Council will hold an extraordinary meeting to discuss the issue.


State Minister of Georgia met with students from ethnic minorities

Minister of State for reconciliation and equality of citizens of Georgia Paata Zakareishvili met with university students of Azerbaijan, Armenia and others within on "Tolerance Week". Minister said these students study 1+4 program in several universities of Georgia with successfullrecords. This program was carried out by the Ministry of Education.


Armenian helicopter Mi-24 was shot down by Azerbaijani forces

On 12 October an Armenian helicopter was shoot down near the ceasefire line between Azerbaijani and Armenian forces. According to Armenian officials, the helicopter belonged to the Air Forces of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, an unrecognised entity in South Caucasus which is claimed by Azerbaijan to be its territory.

Three members of the crew Major Sergey Sahakian, Senior Lieutenant Sargis Nazarian and Lieutenant Azat Sahakian were killed in the incident.


Azerbaijani Opposition Rallies Against Political Imprison

The November 9 protest was organized by the National Council of Democratic Forces of Azerbaijan (NCDC), a pro-democracy movement.
According to a journalist Tural Ibaldli there were approximately 2000 thousand people. Though Baku State Police Department announced 700 participants in the demonstration.


A Cure for Ebola might be found

Japan's "Fujifilm Holdings" company's "Avigan" medication expects to get the license for treatment of Ebola in January. Medicine will be tasted at France and Guinea on November.