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Police repressions in Armenia before the opposition rally

The Armenian police has started a series of repressions against the opposition activists on 16th February.

According to the press center of Prosperous Armenia party dozens of activists and functioners of opposition parties, mainly from Prosperous Armenian party have already been taken to the police stations without any explanations.
According to opposition MP Rustam Gevorgyan, policemen dressed as civilians, without any documents and permission from the court have climed on the wall of his house and entered to his ownership and without any documentation made illegal rummage.

The police repressions are arranged by the statement of one of the richest Armenian businesmen Gagik Tsarukyan about joining the opposition and willingnes to take active part in the change of the president by organizing pan-national demonstrations and rallyes.

The pan-national rally of the leading opposition trio (Armenian National Congress, Prosperous Armenia, and Heritage parties) is planed on 20th of February.