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Hostels in Tbilisi: hospitality with taste of fight

The bed creaked and shacked each time American guy on first “floor” turned round. He was snoring while sleeping and this snore mixed with 8-10 other snores, breaths and mutterings. It was the night in hostel, where in one big room 12 foreigners were sleeping on the two-tiered beds... In morning all they line up to the common WC and after – make coffee and breakfast in common kitchen. Here you don't feel lonely, even if travel alone. You have bed, roof over your head and “illusion of family” for quite cheap price.


Armenia: From traditional media to Internet

Armenia: From traditional media to Internet According to the data by International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Armenia has 47.1 % Internet users. Table shows high increase in numbers among Internet users in 2010-2011.

Internet Usage and Population Statistics:


MP believes Azerbaijan will join NATO program

“Zakir Hasanov’s report to parliament can help stop the problems inside the Army,” stated Zahid Oruj a member of the Parliament Committee on Security and Defense.


Safar Abiyev, former minister of defense serving during 19 years (1995-2013) had never addressed parliament. Independent experts claim that society has a lot of


Fighting Against Corruption

Colonel-general Zakir Hasanov, Minister of Defense of Azerbaijan Republic declared that struggle against corruption in Armed Forces will be continued. “I want to make a note that mister president had special tasks related with this. If someone wants to embezzle something which is belonging to the soldiers, or state, the serious fight has been held against them and it will continue”, - he told in his interview to ANS TV.


Former finance officer struggles for justice

Former MajorRenat Yusufov, serving as a finance officer in the Azerbaijan Armed Forces, now resides in jail # 2 in Baku. Now he declares he has witnessed number of illegal operations at the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan.


Yusufov served as chief of finance services for military unit 707 in Shamkir Corps, which was based 500 km from Baku near the Nagorno-Karabakh frontline. Yusufov was arrested in October of 2009 and accused of stealing nearly 1 million Manat ($1.275 million).


Offers and Gaps

There are 2, 514 registered websites in Armenia and 227 are in focused on Sport, Health and Recreation. To start online media project all you need to do is to pay $100 for domain annual fee. There are 4 major sports websites in Armenia:,, and Only Armsport.

am and cover both international and local sports, covers just international and local football and


Latest news

David Sherazadashvili from the Georgian Dream Party has become the mayor of Bolnisi, a region mostly populated by the ethnic Azerbaijanis.

What Vaziani residents expect from the Local Elections.




"It was a tottally unexpected to feel this strong support during the pre-election period."