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The old part of Baku known as SOVETSKI is being demolished now.Officials claim that this residential area needs to be reconstruction,


motivation for young filmmakers

Half-naked young man is bandaging his hands and saying: “Wait... Wait a little, I will be ready soon”. He isn't injured – he's just a cameraman and doesn't want the camera to slip in his sweaty hands. Baku. July 2013, +44C, underground garage, film shooting. Young director Rufat Hasanov gets nervous, he can't shoot the scene as he had wished.


Life on two wheels

Amsterdam: City of tulips, weed, canals, cute small buildings, smiley people and BICYCLES.

I was amazed not by the number of people who use their bicycles as a vehicle, but how many extensions it can have and how multifunctional it can be. You can see young girl transferring two chairs on her bicycle while she is driving it, you can see a young mother breastfeeding her newborn child while driving.


Things too Georgian

There are several things too Georgian that locals might not notice while a tourist will catch even on their very first visit to this country, e.g. Khachapuri bakeries on every corner, baggers on every step, cool young musicians on every sidewalk, and just unusually noisy people. I have lived in Tbilisi for a year and I’ve noticed several of them, though I’m sure there are more.


Cascade Sightseeing in Yerevan

 Many of my foreigner friends when planning to visit Yerevan ask me what is the best spot in Yerevan to hangout. Of course pubs and open-air cafes


Do you have a girl?

 In the end of August people started to post on Facebook photos of their daughters with the hashtag #FlashmobAgainstSelectiveAborts. The first initiative of the spontaneous flash mob was Aramazd Ghalamaqaryan, who posted on his Facebook wall the photo of his daughter with the comment: ”And some idiots interrupt pregnancy just because they are having a girl. I can’t believe that they don’t want to have a daughter like this. #FlashmobAgainstSelectiveAborts”.  


Latest news

Tamar Grdzelishvili, Ana Archvadze and Giorgi Vardidze were awarded the best video/animation, the best essay, and the best visual works in the youth competition describing their attitudes, views and ...

David Sherazadashvili from the Georgian Dream Party has become the mayor of Bolnisi, a region mostly populated by the ethnic Azerbaijanis.

What Vaziani residents expect from the Local Elections.