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In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) in Georgia

The world's first "test tube baby" was born in Great Britain in 1978. The first child with the help of In Vitro Fertilization in Georgia was born 15 years ago. Despite that IVF helps to five million couples to become parents in the world, the Church in Georgia is against of it.


Limited Social Space

Experts say that as many as 95 percent of patients diagnosed with schizophrenia can function as well as any other person if they receive proper treatment. But Georgians with this diagnosis often do not have access to such treatment. 


Invisible Children

Without state registration papers, many beggar children in the streets of Azerbaijan do not officially exist. 


New Visa Obstacles for Foreign Students

Kamil Sungurov, 21, is a native of Dagestan and thus a citizen of the Russian Federation. He is a fourth-year student in Tbilisi State University’s faculty of Caucasian Studies, thanks in part to funding from the Georgian Ministry of Education.


Homosexuals Struggle in Azerbaijan

Homosexsuals engaged in Azerbaijan, but they couldn’t live in their country


Storm in The West Georgia

Heavy rains damaged several houses in West Georgia, in a city of Ozurgeti.

The first floors of the houses, yards and crops were flooded.


Latest news

Tamar Grdzelishvili, Ana Archvadze and Giorgi Vardidze were awarded the best video/animation, the best essay, and the best visual works in the youth competition describing their attitudes, views and ...

David Sherazadashvili from the Georgian Dream Party has become the mayor of Bolnisi, a region mostly populated by the ethnic Azerbaijanis.

What Vaziani residents expect from the Local Elections.