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Ivanovka - a little piece from Soviet union

Ivanovka, Azerbaijan is a little piece from Soviet union, the collective farm and Molokans-  a group of  Christians, who were exiled from Russia by Catherine the Great in 1834. During the centuries Molokans could keep their language, traditions and religious because of what they were exiled. Ivanovka, is the oldest and biggest molokan village in Azerbaijan. Beside that their native language is russian, many of them knows azerbaijani language quite well.


Reislamisation in Azerbaijan: Streams and Stages.


If during the Soviet era Islamisation was associated only with violence, in the post-Soviet period voluntary adoption of Islam has been getting more popular and Islam is experiencing a time of its renaissance. Over the past ten years, hundreds of new mosques were built; former places of worship were restored; dozens of religious organizations were registered; new religious schools (madrasas) opened; and many young Azerbaijanis are attending Muslim religious universities in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, Turkey, and Pakistan.


Technical Inspection Deadline


Due to the EU association agreement, signed last year, Georgia must pass  regulations to get closer to European standards.


Autistic Children at School

"Everyone hates me. I am not like others!"

Hamza was in a year and two months when his mother noticed regress in toddler's speech. Hamsa was slowly forgetting words such as "father", "mother", "ball". The parents consulted with several well-known neurologists and the answers were the same: "the kid has no problem", "you are capricious parent".


Context over concept

“As Frank Gehryn said, “in the world we live in, 98 % of modern architecture is pure shit,” says Ashot.  

Ashot and Armine Snkhchyans are young architects, a couple working and living together since they graduated from the same university in 2012. They both believe that in architecture the context defines the concept. They say they do not have specific style, but try to respond to the new urban trends in tendencies in architecture.


Homophobia is being regarded as freedom of speech in Armenia

According to the Armenian court publishing blacklists of homosexuals or their supporters and calls to isolated them from the society, fire from their jobs and don't even greet them in the street is not a hate speech, but is an expression of freedom of speech. The decision of the Kentron-Nork Marash districts court has raised a great concern among the liberal circles in Armenia.


Latest news

Tamar Grdzelishvili, Ana Archvadze and Giorgi Vardidze were awarded the best video/animation, the best essay, and the best visual works in the youth competition describing their attitudes, views and ...

David Sherazadashvili from the Georgian Dream Party has become the mayor of Bolnisi, a region mostly populated by the ethnic Azerbaijanis.

What Vaziani residents expect from the Local Elections.