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Rethinking Waste

In Georgia only 3% of waste is recycled; the remaining 97% is thrown away in landfills (in a good case) or out in nature (ravines, rivers, village areas, etc.). It’s time for rethinking how to manage the waste and find new solutions, as the societies move towards waste recycling, processing, separation and minimization.

Only in Tbilisi we throw away 1000 ton waste every day that are not recycled. Waste now contains an increasingly complex mix of materials, including plastics, precious metals and hazardous materials those result in environmental and health damage through the release of hazardous chemicals. Besides that, Georgia has significant loss of materials as we throw away the waste.

The primary purpose of this project was to reveal present waste management problems in Tbilisi and to take a closer look to good practices. On January 15, 2015, the Georgian government passed “Waste Management Code according to which, a national waste management strategy should be developed in 15 years. At present there are no facilities separating, processing and recycling waste in Georgia.

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