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Early marriages in South Caucasus

On March 18, 2014 in village Kharajala, Kakheti region, 16-years-old girl committed suicide as she disagreed with father’s decision on her marriage and could not resist either.

Other cases show that, especially in ethnic and religious minorities, it is common to change daughter on domestic animals or money. A year before in village Kabali, Kakheti region, father wanted to change 16- years-old daughter on 10 cows to a 45-years-old man. Along this, kidnapping girls is common reason too. The ombudsman documented three cases of kidnapping girls and twenty early marriages in January-February 2014.

According to UNFPA 14 million girls under 18 get married every year; 13 girls in every 30 second… If we do nothing, population growth means that, by 2050, the total number of woman married as children will grow to 1. 2 billion, with devastating consequences for girls, their families and their countries…

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