GIPADocU 2016

The fifth annual GIPADocU Festival features documentary films and transmedia stories, where each piece is produced by the GIPA students and graduates.

Khundadze beats Chocheli by 60 votes for Mtskheta district parliament

Dimitri Khundadze has won the second round Parliamentary Elections by only 60 votes in District 37 in Mtskheta.

Who Did Patriot Alliance Voters Support?


On October 30, the second round of parliamentary elections took place in Georgia.

In 8th precinct in Saburtalo voter activity is low so far

In the 8th precinct in Saburtalo, where the Georgian Dream and United Movement

Balsam, Nail Polish Stops Two Voters

Two women didn’t manage to vote because of a problem with marking procedure in Mtatsminda #2 polling station. 

Georgian Dream supporters try to influence votes in village of Kizilajlo, Marneuli


The second round of Georgia’s parliamentary elections started on Sunday with an attempt to influence votes for the ruling party in Kizilajlo,...

Youth and the Elections

Students discuss the pre-election campaigns and wonder if there is any political party representing interests of the young generation.

Election-polluted city

After each election, the country begins to stir. All existing or non-existent Politicians try to change something for good.

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Latest stories

Documentary movie by Eka Magal...

23 NOVEMBER 2016
Documentary movie by Eka Magaldadze “Split” won GIPA Doc U’s award

Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA)  second-year student Eka Magaldadze won the GIPA

“Why Pigs Don't Have a Name” W...

23 NOVEMBER 2016
“Why Pigs Don't Have a Name” Wins a GIPA Docu Award

The Annual “GIPA Docu” Documentary Films Contest featured presentation of trans-media projects by

GIPA Doc U 2016 Jurors Praise...

23 NOVEMBER 2016
GIPA Doc U 2016 Jurors Praise Many Entries

As the part of GIPA Doc U 2016, screenings of documentary films and trans-media projects produced by...

For First Time, GIPA Doc U has...

23 NOVEMBER 2016
For First Time, GIPA Doc U has Teens’ Jury

‘’We are watching these amazing documentaries, and in my opinion, this experience is very important...

Cinema Style Popular in Docu F...

23 NOVEMBER 2016
Cinema Style Popular in Docu Festival

”From year to year, the stylistic approach changes and we allow it. This year students presented cin...

GIPADocU 2016

15 NOVEMBER 2016
GIPADocU 2016

The fifth annual GIPADocU Festival features documentary films and transmedia stories, where each pie... “Georgians vo...

11 OCTOBER 2016

Georgian parliamentary elections attracted the world media’s attention. They actively covered all th...

Pre-election events: how they...

08 OCTOBER 2016
Pre-election events: how they affected voters’ decisions?

Georgian citizens go to elections to define their future

What do voters expect

08 OCTOBER 2016
What do voters expect

Mixeil Dovlatbegian, voted  in polling station #9 in Tbilisi: 

“We want to have a better futu...

08 OCTOBER 2016
“We want to have a better future,” The women of Marneuli used their constitutional rights in the elections

 Traders, housewives, teachers… the women of Marneuli from all backgrounds started coming to th...

The education opportunities fo...

12 JUNE 2016
The education opportunities for children with autism

Ilaha Musayeva has a 5-year-old son with autism.

Azerbaijani journalist struggl...

06 MAY 2016
Azerbaijani journalist struggles for full acquittal

Thomas de Waal: ”Mirkadirov’s arrest was awful and the court’s decision on suspended sentence was po...

“Do All Roads Lead to EU?"...

08 MARCH 2016
“Do All Roads Lead to EU?" - GIPA in LVIV

 “Do All Roads Lead to EU?" - This was the main question for young journalists gathered in Lviv...

On The Road - Towards EU Witho...

08 MARCH 2016
On The Road - Towards EU Without Transport Policy?

Old and in need of repair cars which are dangerous, increasing number of injured and dead in car acc...

Meet Mr.Lari

08 MARCH 2016
Meet Mr.Lari

Enhance your understanding of his problems and introduce yourself to the factors that usually lead t...

Rethinking Waste

07 MARCH 2016
Rethinking Waste

In Georgia only 3% of waste is recycled; the remaining 97% is thrown away in landfills (in a good ca...

Early marriages in South Cauca...

07 MARCH 2016
Early marriages in South Caucasus

On March 18, 2014 in village Kharajala, Kakheti region, 16-years-old girl committed suicide as she d...


14 DECEMBER 2015

  Polluted  air causes premature death of 7 million people each year.


14 DECEMBER 2015

The healing power of art has been emphasized throughout history in every corner of the earth.

"Detached" Attentive...

30 OCTOBER 2015
"Detached" Attentiveness

It's the third year, homeless people from shelter tents are looking forward to moving to houses wher...

European women in Politics

16 OCTOBER 2015
European women in Politics

Women appear in European politics since 20th century. French politician Elisabeth Guigou claims that...


11 OCTOBER 2015

What is your way to relieve stress? Tbilisi citizens shared their own way of relaxation.