Gunel Safarova

“Near our building there were recruitment office’s houses. Every five year new family was living there. In 1992 relatives of the family who lived there came from Karabakh. As neighbors we helped them, and they told us about war. That family’s son told me about 5 brothers, Brothers Huseinovs, who was fighting in the army. Then I decided to go to war and fight with them”. These words are told by veteran of Karabakh war Ilham Maharramov. He was born in Ali Bayramli region of Azerbaijan in 1971. He went to war when he was 21.

ilham 1“My little brother was in Soviet army and father was seriously ill. But I didn’t change my decision. I went to army on my own free will. After 2 years. In 1994 I got serious injure. Projectile exploded near me. There were 30 wounds in my body”, he says.

Even after long operation Ilham had hope. But He was badly injured, doctors said he cannot walk.

“After last operation in my hospital room there were 2 another people. When we talked to them I realized they are 2 of 5 Huseinov brothers, whose existents made me to go to war. I am still good friend with them”. 

ilham 2Before war he has one dream to become advocate and help poor people who cannot protect their rights. But his dream never came true. But he realized his dream. He founded internet television “Arabachi TV” (Wheelchair TV). With this television he and his cameraman friend (who is also a disable person) cover problems of disable people in Azerbaijan.

He also works in Paralympics committee.

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