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The steward of this hospital, Giorgi says the hospital was constructed in 1905. However according to the chief medical officer Tatyana Sanikidze words, this building belongs to 1919-1921 years and the purpose of construction was not to build the building for medical needs. But later it was turned into the 4th city clinic and just in 1978 the academic and neuropatolog Vladimir Sanikidze found the Hospital for War Veterans. According to her words, there was a hospital for veterans built after World War 2 in 1945 in Tbilisi but later with unknown reasons it was destroyed.

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Georgia has four generation of veterans: World War 2 (1939-1945), the 1991-1992 (conflict in South Ossetia), the 1992-1994 (conflict in Abkhazia), and the 2008 war with Russia. 

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Many veterans complain about their lives and attentions from the government. 77000 veterans are officially registered in Georgia, and they consider as potential patients for War Veterans Hospital.

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Veterans qualify for a mere 22-lari monthly allowance. Those who have disability are eligible for a monthly 129-lari.  Veterans with lighter injuries receive 80 laris. The government started to give 500 lari for those who lost sons during the war. 

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The president of "UNION OF WIVES OF INVALIDS AND LOST WARRIORS" non-government organization, Manana Mebuke says that the government should be responsible for these people and must respect and help them.

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“It passed so long time since I have heard about changing this building. They should destroy this one and to build a new one instead. It could not be repaired anymore,’’ says Mebuke. 

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“They do not need only a new hospital, they need a rehabilitation center as well, where they could take a rehabilitation course. Due to post traumatic sindrom, they need a rehabilitation center at least once in 6 months,” claims Manana Mebuke

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“Veterans deserve better service in better conditions. In such kind of conditions it is impossible to treat not only veterans, but people in general,” states Sanikidze. 

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