Nigar Musavi

Actors (they all are amateurs) try to mop their faces but don't damage make-up. The film is 1/5 part of the project called “Motives”.                                             

Since last summer “Motives” differed from all other film project from “Azerbaijan Film” studio. It was the rare case when young filmmakers were given an opportunity to make a movie. Since for now this studio doesn't have enough of financing and usually only venerable directors are able to get dotation and shoot movies. The youth gets such an opportunity very seldom.

All the directors have decent professional education foreign film schools: Rufat Hasanov (USA), Anar Abbasov (Russia), Jafar Akhundzadeh (Russia), Teymur Ismaylov (Holland) и Vugar Islamzadeh (Australia).

“Motives” is collection of 5 short films. “My grief is light” is a drama by R. Hasanov. The film tells about rock-musicians making choice between music and family, money and creativity.

“My film is somehow autobiographical”, - Hasanov says, “I try to make it as natural as possible. This genre is named “pseudo documentaries” and, as I know, it's a novelty for Azerbaijan. That's why I invited amateurs instead of professional actors.”

“The honour of officer” (by V. Islamzade) is a criminal thriller about policeman who takes revenge for his killed friend. And the same time it's the first "action film" has been shot ever in Azerbaijan.

The only thing connecting all five films is their authors – young Azeri directors, with western education making first steps in Azerbaijani cinematography.

Autor and coordinator of the project Irada Bagirzade, director of Adari Films film company says the project was thought out to give these filmmakers a chance to start their career.

“Today in Azerbaijan young cinematographers hardly can shoot movie – it needs too much money. But there are a lot of very talented young people. The country needs to develop its cinematography. We need new Azeri films. We started this project with this mission in mind, to start solving this problem. And make first try to boost motivation among the young generation”.

The idea of “Motives” interested Ministry of culture and tourism and “Azerbaijan Film” studio. And finally, it won the competition of Producers Guild of Azerbaijan.

“Motives” will be presented to the spectators in Autumn 2014 in Azerbaijan.