Lilit Nurijanyan

The first initiative of the spontaneous flash mob was Aramazd Ghalamaqaryan, who posted on his Facebook wall the photo of his daughter with the comment: ”And some idiots interrupt pregnancy just because they are having a girl. I can’t believe that they don’t want to have a daughter like this. #FlashmobAgainstSelectiveAborts”.

The reason behind this flash mob was the new law that Armenian Ministry of Health suggested to Parliament. The new law forbids informing parents about the sex of the child sooner than 30th week of pregnancy. The initiative was received with disagreements. A lot of people claim that the new law brings new corruption risks, some claim that the law violates the right of being informed.

According to United Nations Population Executive Representative Garik Hayrapetyan 1000-1200 girl babies per year are not being born just because of the predicted sex of the baby during the pregnancy. The problem of selective abortions is very disturbing in Armenia. In the worldwide survey Armenia is the third country facing the problem of the selective abortions after China and Azerbaijan. The research conducted by UN in Armenia in 2011 shows that in 2060 the number of unborn girl babies will reach to 2000 per year which means 100 thousand potential mothers will not be born at all.

Flashmobers think that not letting children be born because of their sex is a murder.

Photos with hashtag were spread among many Armenians worldwide on Facebook in a couple of hours. Then some people created a facebook page with the headline ”And you? Do you have a girl?”

The page has 4600 likers by now. Hundreds of parents are posting their daughters’ photos and writing comments.

“I have three girls!!!” Armine Shaboyan  

Meet Eva Muradyan. If God decided that there should be woman-Eva near the man, who are we to interfere HIS natural creation”, David Muradyan.  

“Joining the flash mob on Armenian facebook against gender abortion. Here is my Goharik. When I was pregnant, my biggest desire was to have a daughter:)” Nane Sahak


“My wealth, my best creation, my girls”, Kristina Barsegyan.