Ani Mejlumyan

Only and cover both international and local sports, covers just international and local football and

international and local football alongside with local sports. The editors and managers of the websites say 90% of visitors are interested just in football.

People aged 17-50 male/female employed, digitally active individuals are spending mostly 25% of their Internet time on reading sports news. Users aged 22-34 in comparison get higher salaries ($600+), users aged below 20 in average get $150 per month. Advertisers who are active in sponsoring and investing in sports media are mobile operator Viva cell MTS, Heineken beer and Vivaro bet. According to Television statistics sports on TV and sports websites target audiences in age group 18-35. They mostly live in the city are employed and are relatively active on Internet.

The figures represented in bar chart above show that majority interviewed people spend 25% of their Internet time on reading sports news. Only 5% doesn’t consume sports news.

We also studied which of foreign websites attract Armenian sports readers.

Most visits get and Websites displayed in tables are in Russian language and most of the Armenian population knows Russian better than any other foreign language.

Table bellow shows Armenian most visited sports websites by accordance

Caption: Quotes next to the domains are selected key answers from the majority of respondents.

They read mostly about football, wrestling, weight lifting, tennis and skiing. Majority of readers suggest to focus on the local sport events and publish more analytical material. Some of them suggested having blogs from readers, section with analytical content, sports individuals and their birthdays, live streams, live interviews and statistics.

People choose Armsport because they think it’s quick, trustworthy or it’s just a habit., and can afford sending journalists to cover international championships but there are other 224, which have very small budget for that kind of activities. The stories about international championships have lot of traffic and also it’s a matter of showing position.


Data below also displays’s visiors geographical data of users and percentages of visitors distinguished among several countries in those where Armenian Diaspora located most.

Armsport considers as competitor. has entered the market only a year ago. It has similar content and promotion, but still less traffic. Out of research and observation it appears that to sustain and succeed in this market you need start-up budget up to 10-15 thousand USD, professional reporters with good access and sustainable partner-advertisers. Although those two lack the most important - interaction with audience, innovations for clients and visitors.