Vusal Azizov

The Baku Olympic stadium is the biggest project in “Boyuk Shor”, a settlement about 10 kilometres away from the city centre.

A year ago 1700 people lived in the neighborhood. They were eventually relocated as the project required construction of a new road around the stadium.

1 A.Huseynov sits at the table inside his house.

On the wall there are photos of Ilham Aliyev and his father Heydar Aliyev. Huseynov is in blue t-shirt which reads  “Forward with Ilham!"

In April 2013, Alekber Huseynov received a notification that his house, where five people were residing, was within the area, where new road had to be constructed.

Alekber Huseynov with his two children, wife and a brother live in five small adjoining rooms.

  The house of Alekber Huseynov.

The wall reads "The house is inhabited".

The background  - Baku Olympic stadium. 


the last defiant resident in the area Alekber Huseynov says the house survey was carried out inaccurately and the width of the walls was not calculated. 

3 “When they came, he said, I noticed they are just pretending to measure. I told them: “It is not a slum, please measure my house properly”… Then I asked to tell me what they calculated. They, answered “don’t worry, everything will be taken into account”. “But you did not measure the walls”, I exclaimed. “If we explain to every citizen what we have calculated, we will hardly be able to measure 3 houses per day”, they explained.

One month later representatives of the State owned JSC Azeryolservis, which carries out construction works came to him offering to sign an agreement for compensation and resettlement. Hishouse was valued at63534 Manat. Huseynov refused to accept the compensation.

Now it has been almost a year since gas, electricity and water supply was cut off in the house. For cooking he buys cylinder gas and uses an electric generator only at late night. He brings the water from residential area a kilometer from his place.



A.Huseynov points out to the width of the

walls, which were not calculated while valuing the house


4Cylinder gas, electric generator and plastic water containers are at the entrance of his house

He says he never leaves the house empty for fear that he will later find debris, when he returns home. “They always keep an eye on us. They want to tear down our house after we go somewhere. For that reason I can’t work. And we survive by borrowings from relatives,” he said.  

5In the list of borrowing A.Huseynov

wrote the amount and names

of his relatives who lent him money.

Dust and fumes of trucks reach the rooms in the house. When it is a windy it gets worse.

6A.Huseynov shows medicines, which his children have to take as they suffer from disease caused by the dust.12 A Boyuk Shor, Apr 1, Sabunchu District in Baku, the house survey verified only 53 square meters. Huseynov claims his property is 130 square meters and demands 1500 Manat per each square instead of 1020. Moreover, due to social conditions he claims he bears right to get 20 % of total compensation, which amounts 234 thousands Manat. In his TV statement the President of Azerbaijan declared that citizens with comparatively small property would get additionally 20% of the total value. The extra compensation should have been paid to low-income families from the President’s Reserve Fund.

Newscafe stated the questions to two governmental institutions, but both Azeryolservis JSC and Sabunchu District Executive Power refused to comment on the issue.

Huseynov says his house was set on fire and all his property documents were burned 12 years ago. He says he never thought that the area will be demolished therefore did not obtain new documents for his property.

In spite of many threats and challenges the family stayed at their home. A month ago the Azeryolservis sued in court against Huseynov’s because the family would not move out. The first hearing was held on May 6th 2014.

7Notification of a hearing asks Huseynov's to attend the hearing on the 13th of May 2014. 

Alekber Huseynov said when judge found out his documents were burnt in fire he announced his house unregistered. The judge said the law allows to justify the claim of plaintiff. After a month from hearing Huseynov still does not know what is the verdict of the court. After a week of waiting Huseynov went to Sabunchu District court, but could not get any documents. He can’t appeal before the court’s final decision. If a bulldozer arrives to demolish his house, he said he will still not leave his property.