Vusala Hasratli

In Azerbaijan Facebook is the most popular social network. Thus Facebook users are more than one million.

Journalists use social networks

for different purposes. We have conducted survey among 54 journalists (the results are described in graphics below).

Firstly, journalists named social networks they use and it appeared 49 journalists use Facebook.

The second question was regarding usage hours and purposes of social networks. More journalists use social networks for work and personal purposes and they spend from 1 to 10 hours within a day 

Journalists evaluated the help of social networks to them during working process from 1 to 10. 1 means there is no help, 10 - very helpful

Journalists’ answers about professional usage and expressing opinion on social networks showed that most journalists often write their opinions

The survey was conducted among journalists with different background. There were respondents from pro-governmental, opposition and comparatively independent media organizations.