Ruzan Gishyan

Next room is empty. Hovik and Syuzi left for home for several days. Other two consanguineous brothers went for a walk. This isn’t an ordinary family. Hasmik passed several exams to become a SOS mother. Now she is taking care of six children from tree different families and lives with them in SOS kinder village: family type orphan. She said the only thing you need for this unusual profession a will for care and love. 

"You have to be a little bit doctor, teacher, house worker, cook and of course psychologist. I couldn’t imagine one day I would work as a mother, but I did, I overcame all difficulties. Of course I wasn’t alone. My relatives,who at first found difficult to accept the idea, assisted me" said Hasmik.   

Hasmik knows all characteristics of  children. Emil is a talanted dancer and a clever boy. He can learn his lessons in a few minutes if he wants. Narek loves to play football all the time. Hovik writes love poems. Both Syuzis like to take care of little Meline. They play different games with her. First time it was difficult both for mother and children.   

"Their biological mother used to take Meline and Syuzi with her. Every time after returning they became very aggressive with me. Sisters thought I was reason of their separation from family, but now they got used to it. I want them all have good relations with each other" said SOS mother. 

"She is a mother and a friend for us. The loveliest time of day is evening when we all play lottery together" said Syuzi.

Mothers are being selected through exams but they don’t need to have Higher education. Only requirement is not to have own family in order to live at SOS kinder village and take care of the children. They can stay there till the age of eighteen. After they should rent houses with the help of SOS and start their independent life.  

"After leaving I will miss my mother and sister and of course other children as I was here since five years" said 12 years old Hovik.

There are 84 children in SOS Ijevan and about 50 children in SOS Kotayq villages. SOS Kinderdorf Internacional works in 133 countries. Mr.Spartak has been the director for almost two years. Children call him anuncle.

"We also used to call each other uncle or aunt as we don’t want to use mister or surname. It’s more comfortable" said the director.

He mentioned that there is a lack of fathers, but they started new project through which couples can also work and take care of these children. Now there is one family in village. There is another problem too.  As it is considered to be an alternative type of orphanage, a small number of children are referred by Social Ministry. Other orphans are being financed according to the number of children staying ther, the orphanagesdo everything to keep or even increase the number.

"We work hard and try to relieve the burden of state, but it seems that they don’t understand it," said Spartak Sargsyan. For Spartakmajor goal isn’t having as many children as possible, but to do everything to support children staying with their families.