Karen Tovmasyan

Evaluating the positions of players in the political field of Armenia, Ter-Petrosian stated that Armenian National Congress is ready closely to co-operate with the other 3 leading opposition parties Prosperous Armenia Party, Armenian Revolutionary Federation-Dashnakcutyun party and Heritage party, to change the ruling regime of Armenia.

Six days later the leader of Prosperous Armenia Party,  multi bilionere businessman Gagik Tsarukyan initiated political consultations with the the three parliamentary opposition parties, to discuss the question of impeachment of the government.

On March 19th the four leading opposition forces of Armenia` Armenian National Congress, Prosperous Armenia, Heritage and Armenian Federation-Dashnakcutyun arranged  to raise the question of the impeachment of the government during the parliament session of April 28th.

By this date Armenian opposition forces will be creating a road map including their vision of solution of social-economical and political problems, which will come to life after the change of the government.

Presenting the results of the leading 4 opposition parties, the vice-president of Armenian National Congress party and the head of the ANC fraction in the parliament Levon Zurabian stressed that the procedure of the impeachment of the government will be combined with the active protests and rallies in the streets.

“The authorities will withdraw when the people fill the streets, our aim is the pan national mobilization”-says Levon Zurabian".

Zurabian has also noticed, that the four leading opposition parties have no any expectations from the current government.

“They have had enough time to be changed and change the situation, now we have no expectations from them” Zurabian said.

Another opposition leader Armen Rostamyan the head of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation-Dashnakcutyun parliamentary fraction in his interview to  has noticed.

There is a big protest in the society and it is a good for co-operation of non governmential parties. All the non-governmential forces are speaking about the need of consolidation, but the government is not adequate to this and this also creates  an objectiv reasons for consolidation. He also noticed that the authorities are also playing an important role for the consolidation of the political forces against the government.

Rostamyan speaking about the self-confidence of the representatives of the rulling party noticed, that.

Every government when it fells himself very self-confident, and thinks that there is “no game against him” should understand, that that this is a wrong feeling. If you don’t solve the questions one day they will escalate”- adds Rostamyan.

The head of the Heritage partie’s parliamentary fraction Ruben Hakobyan also shares the oppinion, that Armenia needs urgent changes. During the meeting with journalists he has noticed, that the authorities are very concerned because of the consultations of opposition parties.

“They are concerned, as they understand, that at the result of the  co-operation of  opposition forces at the parliament with the non-parliament parties and civil society the government would be change”- Hakobyan has announced.

The representative of the Prosperous Armenia party, former minister of foreign affairs (1998-2008) Vardan Oskanian adding to his colleagues added that the next national elections are planned in 2017 and 2018 but Armenia can not afford herself such a superfluity of time, economical, political, and demographical resources to wait this elections, having in memory also the practice of the former elections. He thinks, that the impeachment of the government has no alternative.

“The impeachment of the government is the logical step, which the society can push beyond the authorities”-Oskanian adds.


The actions of political opposition to merge their forces is a unique experience in Armenia. Before there were very serious problems and disagreements among this political parties, which are now co-operating with each other to impeach the government, and even if opposition has not enough votes in the parliament to impeach the government this moment, even the fact of this unbelievable co-operation gives hopes, that this parties will be able to put outside their disagreements, and get a result, if not by the parliamentary activity, but also by street protests and mass mobilization, the four political parties apparently have a very big audience and masses of followers, and the merge off all this supporters for making the government to change, can bring very big mass protests and unexpected results.