Nino Japaridze

My grand grand father who was more than 100 years was blaming the  Europe for this:

‘’When I was of your age, we used to have only one calendar, though the Europe who suddenly stepped into us, mixed up everything and established the new year for twice’’ if my second grandfather, who was much younger then my first grandfather was attending, he would immediately cut into the conversation by backing the Europe: Forget about obscurantism, and don’t confuse the child with the Anachronisms, It was 20th , and no Europe was trying to step into us, we were doing the things, we wanted to do and no one was dictating us what to do. Then my first Grandfather was defensing. It’s not me,. It’s you who is confusing the child.  Because she is too small to know what does the Anachronism or even the Obscurantism mean, stop confusing her.

That is how I was asking the simple question and never getting the right answer for it.     I really wanted to know why were we celebrating the new year for twice? Why was I getting the beautiful and colored presents form the Santa Claus from Laplandia and why I was visiting the Tovlis Babua in Mtatsmina, who was always giving me the same presents, colorless plastic bags, full of mandarins which were  tied up in an ugly bow. 

By the way the bag was traditionally cracked as soon as I was living The Tovlis Babua’s apartment and that’s why I was never eager to visit him  

As soon as I grow enough to find out things by myself, I started to google and my Pentium two which was the friend in need immediately became the friend indeed 


I found out that the reason for everything was my less favorite subject for that time, the science about the space and precision: Physics


The earth takes 365 days and couple of hours to revolve around the son, Julian from the Rome, decided to create the system which was reflecting all these into agenda. Julius Ceaser who was the Roman General at that time, immediately loved the idea of System and decided to launch the New Calendar which they later called The Julian Calendar. That happened in 46 (BC) Calendar was widely used by the half of the world including the whole Europe until the beginning of the previous century. Though after the revolutions and the evolutions which took place in the twentieth century the calendar has been changed. Along with other countries Georgia also started to consume the new Gregorian Calendar which is also called the  western and the Christian calendar.

It is not yet exactly known which countries were participating in creating of new Calendar, though Italy, Spain, and the Poland were one of the first who started to use it. The Great Britain started to use it in 1582, Greece, Russia and the countries of Post Soviet Union, joined them much later in 1918-1922.Historicians still think that the reason for it, was the thing that the creator of the calendar Gregory XII was the catholic priest and orthodox countries didn’t want to subordinate him.

According to the Julian calendar people were celebrate the Christmas before the New Year, According to the Gregorian Calendar we are celebrating the Christmas after the New Year (January 7th ) Gregorian Calendar has grow up the year with 0.002 %  -ten minutes and 48 seconds per month.  The inaccuracy that meant one a day per 128 year  was annulled by adding one day in February. In Gregorian Calendar this day is the 29th February.

According to Julian Calendar, today is January 2. But by ours Gregorian, we are 13 days prior and not only, the new year has just started though we have already celebrated it for twice.