Ani Mejlumyan

SerjSargsyan also added that if even there is going to be a shift of a governance model he is not going to run for a Prime Minister position as well.

Note that on April 10 was officially published the concept of a constitutional reform bill, which proposes a shift to a parliamentary governance model. According to the concept the President must be elected by the National Assembly (Parliament) by a 7-year term without re-election right, from a non-partisan candidates.

The Prime Minister will take a position according to the results of the parliamentary elections, the government will be formed by the Prime Minister and it is responsible only to the National Assembly. This reform offers to enhance the role of Parliament, where the opposition will be significantly strengthened.

In press conference the head of the Constitutional Court GagikHarutyunyan clarified that the concept of constitutional reform bill doesn’t suggest a shift to the parliamentary governance system, it offers reforms in current system. “The decision will be made after discussions. We have to observe the public's approach towards this issue, because ultimately the choice of governance system is a legal and political problem”: said Harutyunyan.

He also pointed out that for him the announcement of the SerjSargsyan was unpredictable. 

"The fact that president does not want to limitconstitutional committeein any offer of governance model or anyhow to influence the final orientation, has nosocial order”: said he.

According to the head of constitutional court, if the governance reform model after July 1 within 10 months get approved by SerjSargsyan, reform package will be presented to the public and Parliament for consideration.

GagikHarutyunyan’s guess is that in a best case it can happen in 2015/16: “Later implementation of the reform I find illogical.”

The next chance will be given in 2017 and 2018 when Armenia will hold parliamentary and presidential elections.