Nino Baqradze

Yesterday  in Youtube, Appolon Osman spread the video dedicated to the special operation, took place in Mukhrovani. Vano Merabishvili is there, he demands:’’ Bring me the second man. done, I need two dead bodies, The bonus will be high.’’ Mikheil Saakashvili and Zurab Adeishvili also appeared in the footage.

In order to investigate the truthfulness of the video and find other additional facts about it, main Prosecutor’s Office in Georgia started to work on it. Lateron the office said, that it was clear that the officials were giving the illegal orders. The investigation has started. The Prosecutor’s office will examine the legality of the special operation. As a result of the operation Koba Otanadze became seriously injured and George Krialashvili has died. The Ministry of Defense has also started the investigation process about that same issue. As Tamar Qarosanidze the deputy chair said  Shmagi Telia and David Nairashvili are working in the Georgian Military Forces up to present. Qarosanidze said that the Ministry of Defense will deeply examine the footage and try to determine who else were participating in that certain video, though until the investigation isn’t finished she detains herself from identifying anybody. David Nairashvili person, who appeared in the video now serves as an attaché in Great Britain and Shmagi Telia who was the commander of Ground Forces serves in Armed Forces even now. People  accused in the revolt of Mukhrovani: General Koba Kobaladze, Major Levan Amiridze and the colonel Koba Otanadze  held the press conference today. They applied to The Prosecutor’s office to investigate the Mukhrovani’s case a long time ago, the request is valid even now. Military servants claim that there was no revolt at Military base. Only several high ranked military servants had a negative approach towards the governments and wanted to resign publicly.’’ Action that took place on May 5, 2009 was the Protest against than government. Three months protest actions. Rustaveli was announced as the city of Tents and the Parliaments was almost paralyzed.  There was the possibility of the second 7th November. The government was preparing the parade and the raid of the strike and force intervention seemed to be univitable. At that time I was the head of the Rangers battalion. I was well aware of the psychology of than governments and for sure knew that they would never step back.

In order to prevent this, we commanders expressed  our protest against. We were aware about possible results of upcoming Parade and we were protesting it. In 2008 Georgia lost a lot of brave men and they should respect them. ’’said Levan Amiridze. As a reminder, one of the organizers of the Mukhrovani Revold has died in Gldani as a result of another special operation two weeks after  the May 5, 2009. Koba Otanadze become seriously injured and Georgian court sentenced him 29 years behind the bards. Since the Georgian Dream came, he was granted the status of the political prisoner and was released from the prison. Today the trial of Vano Merabishvilia nd Zurab Chiaberashvili was resumed.

Vano merabishvili said:’’I am not ashame of this footage. I was openly speaking in front of the camera because we had the information that two Russian advisors were participating in the revolt. Renegade people themselves killed them in order to cover the tracks. We had the information that there were two bodies and we needed to find them to link the revolt with Russia. ’’ I am absolutely right because no one use the firearms against them. With the information we had there was two Russian advisors and I was asking for the dead bodies of that certain people. These two men were killed to suppress the noise and cover the tracks.I was giving the order to find these bodies.15 people were arrested at that time. It is very artificial to link this case with the special operation took place three weeks later and with the arrest of Otanadze .’’ The order of Vano Merabishvili (about two bodies) was valued differently.

Head of the NATO LAIASON OFFICE in GEORGIA William Lahue  and former assistant of USA SECRETARY deputy Matthew Bryza  called journalists not to make conclusions in advance. They speak about the necessity to investigate the facts showed in the footage correctly.’’ I haven’t seen the video, I was told about it today, though the investigation will be conducted soon and it’s right’’ From My own experience the context of diplomatic statement is very important. Was it an anti-terrorist operation? In this case, it is acceptable to say the phrase – ‘I need corpses’ I haven’t seen the video, It must be investigated.’’-said Bryza. He came to Georgia yesterday and will meet the representatives of government. President of Georgia George Margvelashvili and other officials also demand to investigate the case.