Nino Baqradze

The main function of non-governmental organization Citizen will be controlling and rising the qualification of the media. Citizen will also finance the preparation of new analysts.’’ We will only finance and organize the process to be healthy. we will provide media outlets with different types of grants in order to help them in earning the perfect analys skills. Everything will happen in agreement with them and according to the request they will have. Timely, objective and of course information provided with the high quality, will help society to choose the right government and lateron control it.’’ Said the former Prime Minister.


Statement made about reviewing the Majoritarian system again, Ivanishvili called the premature. As he said specialists should work on it and the last decision must be made by them too. Ivanishvili confesses that he is not the politician. Despite the thing that he has learnt a lot, he couldn’t be as good politician as David Usupashvili.

Ivanishvili declared that he is content with the work of current government. When he has any notes towards any officials he is telling it them personally. Former Premier calls the opposition unserious and amateur. He suggests the society to reply the brazen and ironical statements with the humor. Former Premier predicts the members of National Movement the future of Shalva Natelashvili as society takes his statements as a humor.

Media Representatives asked him about former head prosecutor Otar Partskhaladze. Premier Answered that his appointment violated no law. ’’He never was accused and no legal procedure was violated. He could be the chief prosecutor.’’ said Ivanishvili

At the press conference bidzina Ivanishvili stated that working on the issue of Monopoly was harder than he could imagine. He also spoke up about decreasing the prices of fuel. ’’While I was the Prime Minister I had to meet the President of Azerbaijan connected this issue. The transit function Georgia has, must be restored fully. This function was bellow the zero. Nor even 10 percent of the cargo was going through Georgia. Except of this there was other types of negotiations too, though I don’t want to speak about this issue right now. Big job was made and the process is still ongoing. George will have the result. Our main Transit Function of Georgia must earn huge dividends. –Said Ivanishvili.

Journalists also asked Ivanishvili about the Development of Economy and decreasing the rate of Georgian Gel. As he said, the government has made much more than they were expecting towards the financing of 100 eterprises. As he said working on that process has already started though it’s impossible to finish it in one month. Ivanishvili thinks that the level of Inflation in Georgia is catastrophically high.’’ Temperate inflation may even encourage countries economy and some countries are even planning that. There is no shoking inflation in Georgia. Currency fluctuation is in norm and there is no need for warring. The inflation may improve soon. There are certain moments when temperate inflation even assists economy in stiring up.

Non-governmental organization Citizen doesn’t expel the possibility of cooperation with other non-governmental organization European choice, launched by Archil Kbilashvili. Moreover, Ivanishvili hopes to cooperate with other non-governmental organizations too.

Fond Cartu will also finance some other non-governmental organizations, though the funding will be symbolic. not more than 50.000 GEL