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Vafa Movlayeva


Short intro about stories:


Rally: 27 days of Protest

Our reporter Sopho Aprimiashvili covers ongoing process, finds out how protesters still manage the rally in 27th day of protest in Rustavelli, in front of Parliament. 



Challenges of spending summer in Georgia

Changing direct flights from Georgia to Russia affects the tourism of Georgia. Mariam and Gvantsa find out what kind of challenges tourism agencies have.



Village without transport

People face with transport problem in Kvemo Sarali village. The schedule of transport is not relevant for locals and they have to take a taxi or drive to Tbilisi.



Life after retirement: Pensioners

Life of pensioners after retirement is in spotlight of Lika and Keti. Story opens how  Georgian pensioners survive with 200 GEL. 



Disabled employed story from Armenia

Anna Hakobyan tells a story about a 21-old boy with down syndrome who is employed in an inclusive café in Gyumri, Armenia.



Homeless Animals


The life conditions of street animals and how people take care of dogs and cats outside in Tbilisi is covered by our reporters.